N75 Denim Masks with a filter holder. An ever-changing variety of colored denim plain or adorned with appliqués!

No mass production here! Handmade to order small batch Denim Masks for Women and Men. No seam on the bridge of the nose lining helps diminish imprint on your nose wit’s extended wear. Adjustable nose bridge and an elastic fabric to allow for easy on and off once adjusted. Our straps can be worn behind the ears or tied behind your head for your comfort.

I asked a doctor friend about material to make masks from and here is what we found…

☀️Denim fabric (without stretch) is N75.

☀️CDC says Covid-19 dies at 200 degrees.

☀️Iron high setting is 220+ degrees.

☀️Iron denim between washings to sanitize when you’re unable to wash it right away.


Please remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


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